Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get the Tape

Well, I haven't blogged much lately, because all I would have had to say would be something like this:
I got up.  I took my temp.  I ate ibuprofen.  I went to bed. 
*cough, cough*

But, I am finally on the mend. 
Today was a cool and breezy fall day.
The girls decided to get some fall exercise while I sat around and coughed.

I think flip flops are the perfect attire for raking leaves, don't you?

Then Tiny Love, our resident connoisseur of field guides, spotted this book at the library:

Well, Tiny loves all things natural, but practical?  I don't know.  She once tried to keep some cicada shells as pets. 
Inside the book, she zeroed in on a picture that represents two things she adores:

Bringing yard waste into the house and finding reasons to use copious amounts of Scotch tape.
So, we made our own color wheel out of leaves and taped it to a pizza box. 
Then we posed with it, which is both natural and practical.

We actually had a lot of fun looking for our leaves and getting the project ready.

Now a perfect fall day comes to a close, one that will live on in our memories, shining, unmarred...
*cough, cough, cough*
Well, almost.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, October 11, 2010

Outside my window...the sun has yet to peek above the trees, but the birds are singing.  It is cool and comfortable.  I can hear the world waking up.

I am thinking...about my "To Do" list for today.  I think I may have over estimated the hours in one day.

I am thankful for...beef, which always entices Brother to come and visit me.

From the learning rooms...we are having school today, as we don't observe Columbus Day.  Not because he is a legendary farce...well, that may have something to do with it.

From the kitchen...we will be having burgers on the grill, oven fries, and salad.  Come and get it, Brother.

I am wearing...men's boxer shorts and a men's undershirt.  Maybe I am having an identity crisis. 

I am creating...balance in my life.  Starting with desserts.  Today I will balance the amount of desserts in my life.  No, one for each hand is not the direction I was headed with that.

I am going...to Beaver Dam with friends for lunch. 

I am reading...The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  It is awesome, in that "Wow, I have no idea what I am doing in life" sort of way.

I am hoping...that the weather begins to reflect that summer is over. 

I am hearing...cars driving by, little Daisy Dog feet trotting on the wood floors, and the bell on Chins' collar.

Around the house...there is lots to do.  Today I will mop the kitchen floor and clean the bathroom.  When the kids get up, they will find out that they have a chore list, too.  I am sure it will be a welcome surprise.

One of my favorite things...watching the sun come up and touch the tops of the trees in my back yard.  I love that the top branches of the trees may be the ones that feel the wind first, but they also get touched by the sun first.  God is very good that way.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Dinner out with my friends, Awana, chores, school, hayride on Saturday!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Mom and Dad will be home in three weeks!  I am so ready.  I miss them terribly. 

Mom will be with her kids, smiling and happy.

Dad will be sitting in his rightful place, at the head of the table, which will make his children smile and be happy.

To participate in The Simple Woman's Daybook, click here.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ladies' Day of Laughs

Yesterday my sisters and I spent the day at a "Ladies' Day Out" event that was hosted by the WMU.
I fear that most of the hilarity that took place will be lost in translation, so I will just stick to the photos.

The event offered workshops on parenting, scrap booking, and Zumba.
Zumba is dancing.
We were in a Baptist church. 
That alone was enough to lend laughter to the day.
We began with donuts, coffee, and chatting with friends.
Baptists don't do much without donuts and coffee.

In case introduction is necessary, meet The First Born, my sister.

She earns the title of first born by more than position; she is serious, studious, and responsible.  Well, she is until we sisters get together and take a workshop that should have been titled "101 ways to wear a scarf from Salvation Army:  Cover Your Cleavage."
But, I digress.

Meet Baby Sister.  You will know her better as the mother of The Roo, which is her claim to fame.  Well, that and her hilarious personality.  She is funny, outspoken, and hardworking.  I cannot help but have fun when she is around.  Especially in a workshop called "101 Ways to Wear..." 
You get the point.
Baby sister decided to take advantage of the Women's Health booth and get her blood pressure checked. 

After taking her blood pressure three times, with two different devices, the nurse declared that Baby Sister should see her doctor, as her blood pressure is much too high.
Her response?

Mirth and disbelief. 
I think the nurse was afraid that we spiked the coffee.
Workshops and lunch, followed by a wonderful group speaker, and Ladies' Day Out was over.
So we did the natural thing and hit Rural King before heading home.

Because these girls know how to have fun.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Favorite Photos

I had a lover's quarrel with the world. ~Robert Frost, The Lesson for Today, 1942

Some of my favorite photos of my kids are the crying ones. 
I am not sure what that says about me as a mother.
This may be the only time in their lives when their grief is not only cute but easy to remedy.
I will enjoy it while I can.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cool Kiddos

Curlyjo went to spend the night with her best friend on Monday night.

Curlyjo's best friend, we will call her The Bug (a nickname granted to her by her own mother), has a little sister, who we will call Leeny.
Leeny and Tiny Love are also best friends.
And they are TROUBLE.
They have been known to go streaking naked across the yard, lock themselves into an abandoned vehicle, and plan their future "mudding" adventures.
Where are their parents? 
So, when Tiny Love and Leeny decided to have a sleepover Monday night at my house, I was on the lookout for deviant behavior.
They were deviant, alright. 

Leeny is home schooled, and she and Tiny Love use the same Math curriculum.
They decided to play Math games--for FUN. 
Who says we didn't do school work???
Then they watched two movies, which significantly reduced their newly exercised brain cells.
Who says home schooled kids aren't normal???

Then they sacked out for the night. 

"Leeny, you are hogging the covers.  Now we have no choice but to spoon."
Ah, friendship.
The next day, after stuffing baby dolls under their shirts and "giving birth" ten times apiece by pulling said baby out from under the shirt by the legs, Leeny headed home and Curlyjo returned.
And we had another visitor.

The Roo came to visit his Auntie, complete with backed up bowels and three spare pairs of undies. 
After a cup of apple cider, we used all the undies.
And had to take a bath.
And if I give the Roo a bath, he will end up with a Mohawk.
'Cause he is too cool for school.
Aren't we all?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday Fun

Yesterday we went to visit the Husband's parents. 
Naturally we toured their yard in a horse-drawn carriage.
Doesn't everyone?

That mammoth beast is Sadie. 
I admit to being a little scared by the carriage ride.  I kept having flashbacks to a certain carriage ride as a child when our feisty pony, Rusty, spooked by the lawn mower, tore the cart up with me in it hanging on for dear life.
Here is some great life advice:
If the carriage ride starts to go awry, JUMP OUT.  Don't hang on.
But Sadie did well. 
I jumped out anyway.
Daisy Dog played with her friends.

Well, they played with her. 
She checked out Sadie.

Then I decided to take a few pictures of the kids, because my mother-in-laws yard is just one big photo opportunity.

Please disregard the jelly stain on her pants. 

Then we went in to have dinner, and I ate meat. 
When my mother-in-law makes turkey breast, I eat it.
Because it is that good.
We had a great visit! 
And some great memories.

Though next time I may skip the carriage ride.
Just to be safe.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

That Poor Tree

Let's reminisce. 
This week I have been thinking about how awesome God has been to us in home schooling the girls.  Curlyjo and Tiny Love are doing so well, they are both so intelligent in their own ways, having so many talents and gifts. 

Lest you think I am taking credit for their success, let me take you back to year one of homeschooling.

This photo was taken the first year of home schooling. 
Aren't they precious?
See that tree behind them?
I spent the first year of homeschooling stoning that tree.
Confession:  I hate teaching children to read.
The incessant confusion between "b" and "d," the sight words that obey none of the given rules, the sounding out of every word that begins to sound like a bad case of Turrets. 
I had so little patience for it.
Then there was Math. 
Curlyjo hated the traditional Math we used.  The stupid flashcards and worksheets. 
She was way behind in Math, and I felt that my whole worth hinged on her ability to pass a timed addition test.
So, we spent the first year leaving the table after home schooling with Curlyjo in tears and with me in the driveway throwing rocks at the trees in frustration.
Mature, I know.
Fast forward three years, and things are so much better.
Curlyjo is catching up in Math, and I am much more gentle in teaching Tiny Love to read.
Well, we haven't gotten to sight words yet, so this could still go south.
But, I see how God is blessing our faithfulness, His grace is covering my mistakes, and He is equipping us all for the task He has given us.
And I stopped throwing things.

I enjoy them so much.  I love that Curlyjo still wants to take her doll to the grocery store.
I am so grateful that God has grace for me in this endeavor, that He continues to be faithful when I am discouraged.
I threw rocks at the tree.
And Heaven laughed.
And sent me more help.