Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ladies' Day of Laughs

Yesterday my sisters and I spent the day at a "Ladies' Day Out" event that was hosted by the WMU.
I fear that most of the hilarity that took place will be lost in translation, so I will just stick to the photos.

The event offered workshops on parenting, scrap booking, and Zumba.
Zumba is dancing.
We were in a Baptist church. 
That alone was enough to lend laughter to the day.
We began with donuts, coffee, and chatting with friends.
Baptists don't do much without donuts and coffee.

In case introduction is necessary, meet The First Born, my sister.

She earns the title of first born by more than position; she is serious, studious, and responsible.  Well, she is until we sisters get together and take a workshop that should have been titled "101 ways to wear a scarf from Salvation Army:  Cover Your Cleavage."
But, I digress.

Meet Baby Sister.  You will know her better as the mother of The Roo, which is her claim to fame.  Well, that and her hilarious personality.  She is funny, outspoken, and hardworking.  I cannot help but have fun when she is around.  Especially in a workshop called "101 Ways to Wear..." 
You get the point.
Baby sister decided to take advantage of the Women's Health booth and get her blood pressure checked. 

After taking her blood pressure three times, with two different devices, the nurse declared that Baby Sister should see her doctor, as her blood pressure is much too high.
Her response?

Mirth and disbelief. 
I think the nurse was afraid that we spiked the coffee.
Workshops and lunch, followed by a wonderful group speaker, and Ladies' Day Out was over.
So we did the natural thing and hit Rural King before heading home.

Because these girls know how to have fun.

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  1. i wish i had sisters i was close to and could lean on. you are very blessed. :-)