Hi!  Thanks for visiting my little blog.  I began the blog for several reasons:
  1. It encourages me to take more pictures--of my kids, of my surroundings, etc.  Pictures enable me to not depend on my fickle and imperfect memory about life. 
  2. I love to write.  Aside from being what I am (a homeschooling mother and homemaker), the only thing I have ever wanted to do is write.  Hopefully someday, this blog with morph into a book idea.
  3. Blogging helps me organize my thoughts.  My mind is always busy, so when I blog, I can think, reflect, and organize what goes on in my head about what goes on in my life.
I hope you enjoy reading about the minutia of my life as much as I enjoy living it.  I find that it isn't the big moments in life that make me pause and hold my breath, it is the small ones:  holding hands with my husband while we are driving, he is talking and doesn't know that in my mind, I am thinking, "God, let it always be like this..."; watching my kids make a huge mess out of treasures from the recycling bin while crafting their latest project; and looking out the window, seeing nature just do what it does, while we just walk around missing it all.  These are the moments that I cherish.  These are the things that remind me that I am alive.

 Share these moments with me, and then look for them in your life as well.  They are the stuff of dreams, the reality in our midst. 

Much love,