Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get the Tape

Well, I haven't blogged much lately, because all I would have had to say would be something like this:
I got up.  I took my temp.  I ate ibuprofen.  I went to bed. 
*cough, cough*

But, I am finally on the mend. 
Today was a cool and breezy fall day.
The girls decided to get some fall exercise while I sat around and coughed.

I think flip flops are the perfect attire for raking leaves, don't you?

Then Tiny Love, our resident connoisseur of field guides, spotted this book at the library:

Well, Tiny loves all things natural, but practical?  I don't know.  She once tried to keep some cicada shells as pets. 
Inside the book, she zeroed in on a picture that represents two things she adores:

Bringing yard waste into the house and finding reasons to use copious amounts of Scotch tape.
So, we made our own color wheel out of leaves and taped it to a pizza box. 
Then we posed with it, which is both natural and practical.

We actually had a lot of fun looking for our leaves and getting the project ready.

Now a perfect fall day comes to a close, one that will live on in our memories, shining, unmarred...
*cough, cough, cough*
Well, almost.


  1. Perfect, eh? Love it!!!! The girls are getting so big and I love their projects. "snif, snif, snif".

  2. I think flipflops are PERFECT leaf raking attire. :)