Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday Fun

Yesterday we went to visit the Husband's parents. 
Naturally we toured their yard in a horse-drawn carriage.
Doesn't everyone?

That mammoth beast is Sadie. 
I admit to being a little scared by the carriage ride.  I kept having flashbacks to a certain carriage ride as a child when our feisty pony, Rusty, spooked by the lawn mower, tore the cart up with me in it hanging on for dear life.
Here is some great life advice:
If the carriage ride starts to go awry, JUMP OUT.  Don't hang on.
But Sadie did well. 
I jumped out anyway.
Daisy Dog played with her friends.

Well, they played with her. 
She checked out Sadie.

Then I decided to take a few pictures of the kids, because my mother-in-laws yard is just one big photo opportunity.

Please disregard the jelly stain on her pants. 

Then we went in to have dinner, and I ate meat. 
When my mother-in-law makes turkey breast, I eat it.
Because it is that good.
We had a great visit! 
And some great memories.

Though next time I may skip the carriage ride.
Just to be safe.


  1. Looks like a great day! Love the idea of a carriage ride. Your girls are adorable!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. The pictures turned out beautiful. The girls look like the flowers in our garden. We had such a wonderful evening with you all. And, actually the meat was fowl, so does that count??? Love You All. Grandma Susie