Saturday, October 2, 2010

That Poor Tree

Let's reminisce. 
This week I have been thinking about how awesome God has been to us in home schooling the girls.  Curlyjo and Tiny Love are doing so well, they are both so intelligent in their own ways, having so many talents and gifts. 

Lest you think I am taking credit for their success, let me take you back to year one of homeschooling.

This photo was taken the first year of home schooling. 
Aren't they precious?
See that tree behind them?
I spent the first year of homeschooling stoning that tree.
Confession:  I hate teaching children to read.
The incessant confusion between "b" and "d," the sight words that obey none of the given rules, the sounding out of every word that begins to sound like a bad case of Turrets. 
I had so little patience for it.
Then there was Math. 
Curlyjo hated the traditional Math we used.  The stupid flashcards and worksheets. 
She was way behind in Math, and I felt that my whole worth hinged on her ability to pass a timed addition test.
So, we spent the first year leaving the table after home schooling with Curlyjo in tears and with me in the driveway throwing rocks at the trees in frustration.
Mature, I know.
Fast forward three years, and things are so much better.
Curlyjo is catching up in Math, and I am much more gentle in teaching Tiny Love to read.
Well, we haven't gotten to sight words yet, so this could still go south.
But, I see how God is blessing our faithfulness, His grace is covering my mistakes, and He is equipping us all for the task He has given us.
And I stopped throwing things.

I enjoy them so much.  I love that Curlyjo still wants to take her doll to the grocery store.
I am so grateful that God has grace for me in this endeavor, that He continues to be faithful when I am discouraged.
I threw rocks at the tree.
And Heaven laughed.
And sent me more help.


  1. Oh My Gosh - They are such beautiful young ladies and so smart too. God has truly blessed our family. grandma susie

  2. look how much they have grown in the last year!!