Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spice It Up

Mr. Chins has come to live out his final days in our home. 

While he seems to be doing well, we believe that he still has cancer.  So, we brought him with us, and he is spending his precious time left with us, lounging on my couch, shedding fur all over the spots touched by the sun.  He also enjoys sleeping in Daisy Dog's pillow, when available.  It isn't often available.

Tiny Love has acquired the job of feeding Chins his daily meals. 
Last night, she obviously felt that his dinner needed something extra.
She emptied in the usual fare:

"Hmmm, Rotisserie Chicken and Gravy?  Sound good, but I think it needs a little something..."
She scurried out back to this:

My lovely little thyme plant.
Dinner is served.

Chicken is better with thyme.  I agree.
Chins was not impressed.
I was totally impressed--matching the herb with an appropriate food (well, cat food) and knowing how to strip the leaves off and make it pretty. 
OK, I was also a little grossed out.
If it is true that we eat with our eyes first, Chins must have shut his.
He waited for a less fancy dinner.
"Chicken and gravy, straight up.  No garnish, please."

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