Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cool Kiddos

Curlyjo went to spend the night with her best friend on Monday night.

Curlyjo's best friend, we will call her The Bug (a nickname granted to her by her own mother), has a little sister, who we will call Leeny.
Leeny and Tiny Love are also best friends.
And they are TROUBLE.
They have been known to go streaking naked across the yard, lock themselves into an abandoned vehicle, and plan their future "mudding" adventures.
Where are their parents? 
So, when Tiny Love and Leeny decided to have a sleepover Monday night at my house, I was on the lookout for deviant behavior.
They were deviant, alright. 

Leeny is home schooled, and she and Tiny Love use the same Math curriculum.
They decided to play Math games--for FUN. 
Who says we didn't do school work???
Then they watched two movies, which significantly reduced their newly exercised brain cells.
Who says home schooled kids aren't normal???

Then they sacked out for the night. 

"Leeny, you are hogging the covers.  Now we have no choice but to spoon."
Ah, friendship.
The next day, after stuffing baby dolls under their shirts and "giving birth" ten times apiece by pulling said baby out from under the shirt by the legs, Leeny headed home and Curlyjo returned.
And we had another visitor.

The Roo came to visit his Auntie, complete with backed up bowels and three spare pairs of undies. 
After a cup of apple cider, we used all the undies.
And had to take a bath.
And if I give the Roo a bath, he will end up with a Mohawk.
'Cause he is too cool for school.
Aren't we all?

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  1. Great Blog today Cindy. You always brighten my day. Looks like the girls all had a great time. Sleepovers like those are the best memories of my childhood.