Monday, August 29, 2011

Dad's Retirement--Round 1

Over this summer, a magical, long-anticipated event happened in our family:
My Dad retired.

Now, this has been particularly anticipated in the last couple of years, since Dad had to go all the way to Canada to finish out his time with his employer when they moved out of our area.  If you haven't read about the adventures of my family while the parents were away, read any of my posts filed under "brother" or "homecomings," and you will be up to date.

So--retirement.  We had a surprise party for Dad.  The surprise was that we were able to keep straight faces while lying through our teeth for weeks in order to get the party together.  And the bonus was that, for once in our lives, Mom told us to lie to Dad.  Fun.

The cake.

Memorabilia from his working years.

My personal favorite:  his lunch box. 
My dad took this small cooler to work every day for many years.  The contents would vary, except for two things:  Tums and ibuprofen.  Tough job.

Shop talk.

 Women folk.  Oh, if you could listen to this particular group of ladies. 
They are too funny.

Brother--remembered his side kick, forgot his shoes.
Priorities, people.

The guest of honor, best father in the world, hardest working man I know.

So, in his retirement, Dad has done the following, so far:

~ Got a dog and developed the most severe case of puppy-love I have ever witnessed.
~ Torn down a shed and built a new one out of the scraps.  Isn't that how we all do it?
~ Repaired vehicles for everyone in a fifteen mile radius.
~ Planted a massive garden, including a crazy amount of corn and pumpkins, which he sees as a perfect background to take more photos of his dog. 
~ Went back to work.  Seriously. 

So, Dad is now semi-retired, semi-OK with that, and completely enamored with his dog, Bruiser. 
But that love is for another post :)

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