Monday, December 13, 2010


Lately we have been attempting to get into the Christmas spirit around the house.  We got a real tree for the first time!  We had to, as our fake tree had a busted stand and rusted branches.  Not very merry.  So, here is the finished product:

Can you tell that it is an extremely tight fit in our living room right now?  Oh, well.  'Tis the season.
We also had a lovely visitor:

A sweet friend of mine stopped by to get her picture taken before she attended winter formal at the college in our town.  She looked amazing.  Then she told me that her dress was a bargain buy from the thrift store, her shoes were borrowed from a friend, and the whole ensemble cost a mere fifteen bucks.  Oh, a girl after my own heart!

Plus, she is gorgeous.  No amount of money can buy a charming and intelligent personality, and she has that as well.  What an amazing woman she is becoming!

The rest of the week, we have been trying to overcome insomnia (me), trying to read 24 hours a day (Curlyjo), and trying not to get caught throwing stuff down the furnace registers (Tiny Love).  Dad has had his hands full, too.

He has been enjoying some hunting in his down time, which hasn't been often.  But, this weekend our area received its first accumulating snow, so hunting was in order.  The Husband says snow makes the birds stupid, so they are easier to hunt.  Hmmmm.  Sitting out in the snow with wind whipping around, in a boat in the middle of a lake, no less.  Which one of us gets a little silly in the snow?  Anyway, the registers around our house have been hard at work drying the husband's hunting gear.  That is, when they aren't being used as a trash can.  Not that anyone around here would do that (Tiny Love).

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