Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cookies So Good, Your Teeth Fall Out

I baked cookies on Saturday, and the recipe made the most delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies EVER. 
I sent some over to each of my sisters' houses to welcome them home from their mission trip to El Salvador. 
And to keep myself from eating the whole batch by myself. 
Sharing is good for everyone.

Smitten Kitchen's recipe!  Go here to get it.

Now, don't eat too many, or your teeth might fall out. 
Take it from someone who has endured a sugar-induced tooth loss:

Someone who doesn't consume sugar like the favored form of addictive stimulants, and she still lost a tooth last week (ah, rites of passage, how I love you for letting me think Curlyjo is still just a little girl):

Here, Curlyjo, I will let you have the last cookie.

Too slow, girl. 
Maybe next time.


  1. Oh how I have neglected your blog! Now I have a bazillion recipes to go try and I feel the desire to work out:) Maybe I will AFTER I eat these.

  2. Hmmmmm these look so yummy! Thanks for sharing!