Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Growing" Good Character

There was at one time a belief that we all have cancer cells in our bodies.  Blink and you may have missed this news, because it was quickly defamed and called "alarmist."  Turns out the science was inflated.  (Or as I like to call it, Darwin-ized).  So, this physical truth is an untruth.  But, I wonder if it may be a spiritual truth?

I am currently plowing through  (i.e., reading rapidly between chapters of another book) Have a New Kid By Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman. 

 I don't want new kids per se, but I do like to hone the old parenting skills.  Plus, the cover was all in primary colors, which we all know is attractive (McD's).  I digress...

What if we all have "bad character cells?"  What if my sweet babies were born with the potential to be rotten, disrespectful, mean-hearted punks and my job is to help those "cells" the cross of Jesus?  I wonder if I am creating an environment that encourages the growth of bad character or good?

The exasperated sigh when they need something while I am ON THE INTERNET?????  The refusal to be inconvenienced by what is BEST for THEM?  Eye rolling, venting at the driver in front of me, grumbling when life doesn't go my way?  They see it all.  And all of those things are like McDonald's for the soul.  And I fed it to them.

I don't do everything right as a parent...I don't do everything wrong, either.  But, if I don't like what I see in them, maybe I better take a good look at myself. 

1 Corinthians 15:33 reminds me,
"Do not be misled:  Bad company corrupts good character." 

The company they keep most is ME

I don't want to corrupt--I want to instruct.
I don't want to mislead--I want to guide wisely.
Good thing I have an ever-present encouragement, guide, and admonition in the Word of God. 
Thanks, Dr. Leman, for reminding me that parenting is heavy stuff, God-sized work. 
And I need to get in.


  1. AWE! My sweet baby faces. I miss you all. I can't wait until November when Curly Jo and Tiny Love can spennitewistherdramma!

  2. How true! I have been on the fence on reading this but I think I will have to pick up a copy now! Thanks :)

  3. Good word, Cindy! We are our children's biggest teacher's for sure! Thanks for the awesome reminder!

  4. OK! I have to say this!!! I will NOT take the blame for Jeff, but I will take the CREDIT for Joe!! Love Ya! Your Mama In Law - Susie