Thursday, July 22, 2010

Discipline Advice

Sometimes I have to have a "conference" with Tiny Love about her behavior.  I will even subject myself to the aroma of her beloved yellow blanket if it means that we can talk privately about the issue in a room full of people. 
I am happy to discipline and train my children. 
I am not happy to humiliate them in front of others to do so.
Tiny reacts to discipline slightly different than Curlyjo. 

Me:  No, Tiny.  The answer is no.
Tiny:  But, but, but...AAAAUUUGHHHHHHH!  *insert crying*

Me:  No, Curlyjo.  The answer is no.
Curlyjo:  Oooookkk.  *insert slight eye roll*

And you know what?  The eye rolling drives me the most bananas.  Poor Curlyjo, my sweet, compliant, gentle child, can't even get away with an eye roll.  But Tiny Love can just have an all out mental breakdown, and I will just tell her to go have it somewhere else.  I guess I just don't know what to do with the eye-rolling, as it often is coupled with obedience.  But it is obvious by her attitude that the compliance I am receiving is begrudging.  She still thinks I am wrong/crazy/annoying.
Obviously, I am not a perfect parent.  So, I like to seek parenting advice from books, other mothers, and "professionals." 

I recently read a post on the blog "Making Home."  The blog writer, Jess, has five children, which in my opinion makes her a professional.  If you find yourself tossed in the wind of parenting, looking for answers, trying new methods only to end up in the same tantrum place, check out her thoughts on discipline.  
You just might identify some areas that need YOU. 
Then you can roll your eyes at yourself.

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  1. LOL! Thanks for the link- I don't think I'm anywhere near a professional at anything besides baby care and laundry and cooking... I still lose my temper and get altogether frustrated with the Lego explosions that appear to happen with regularity in the playroom and definitely don't have it all together. :) But I'm happy to encourage younger moms along the way. We can all try to honor the Lord by how we raise our children! :)

    Anyway, thanks for the link and blessings to you--