Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Disaster Site

I had the unfortunate experience of needing to deposit some stray items to my brother's room yesterday.  I should have been prepared for what lurked behind the door, as this was the scene in the basement before I got to his door:
It is always nice to provide a warning. 
I opened the door, took a step back as an odd scent wafted into my face, and turned on the light:


There were a few options that came to mind as to why his room looked this way. 
  1. He was the victim of a natural disaster.
  2. He has been the victim of a violent crime. 
  3. He is a natural disaster.
  4. He was the victim of a bombing.
  5. He has been robbed.
After going through the possibilities, I decided to leave the room, slowly, and without turning my back (of course).  Perhaps there may be clues to the crime in other areas of the basement?

Ahhh.  Mystery solved. 
A classic case of :
refined carb binge+electronic entertainment=serious health hazard. 
In more ways than one, people. 
Take note:  lay off the Cheez-Its, or this could happen to you.


  1. This is normal for a teenage boy. Guess what? The pool table was like that when we were home. go figure.