Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Wrath of Kitty

Look at this lovely little friend:
She is crazy.
She is absolutely repulsed by her own litter box, especially when she has recently used it but no one took note and emptied it.  Tiny Love's chore is to clean the litter box every morning, and as she occasionally has trouble remembering her chores (which costs her BIG TIME), Kitty Friend is sometimes inconvenienced.  When this happens, Kitty Friend pees in the floor. 

So, as the litter box did not meet the required standards for usage, Kitty Friend left notice in the floor this morning.  Who cleaned it up?

What a way to start the day.  Someday Tiny will begin to see the value in completed chores.  Until then, I will smile while receiving her allowance, and she will clean up Kitty Friend's indignation while making this face:

Whatever works, sister. 
Where is Curlyjo in all this?  Where she always is these days:

Reading.  What is breakfast without The Boxcar Children
Now, if you will excuse me, Kitty Friend likes her food bowl filled about this time of day.  And we like to comply with her wishes.

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