Monday, April 12, 2010

Time Enough For Counting...

My children have chores, meaning that there are household duties that they are assigned which result in allowances.  Lately I have noticed a trend:  I have to tell them, sometimes several times a day, to do their chores before they actually complete them.  And the idea that they may need to do chores seems to only occur to them when we are about to go shopping and they realize that their cash flow is a little slow.

You see, if the chores don't get done, I don't cough up the cash.  Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be increasing the frequency of chore completion.  So, I came up with an alternate plan:  restitution.  I waited until 11:00 AM for the girls to do their "morning chores."  They failed to do them, so I did them.  And I charged them for it.  Today's earnings:

That is going in the Starbucks fund.  I love finding a way to make their laziness pay off, but I think they may do their chores tomorrow.  I wonder if I can get my brother (who lives with me) to do the same.  I could buy a Starbucks store with what I would make off of him.