Saturday, April 10, 2010

Got Me Some Education

I am back!  The homeschool conference was an awesome experience and a wonderful resource.  I came back with lots of lessons learned, such as:
  • This small-town girl likes the view in the big city too.
(Yes, I took that.  From the window of my hotel room.  Wow.)

  • In some parts of the country, beds apparently make themselves.

  • It is entirely possible to spend three days straight (including a cumulative 12 hours in the car) with a friend and still be friends when it is over.  Maybe even better friends.

  • Buying too many books is not a compulsive disorder.  It an "educational necessity" when you are a homeschooler.  On really bad days, this fact alone will keep me from jumping ship.
(ahhh.  homeschoolers' crack.)

  • Illinois is beautiful...especially when you are homesick for the prairie.

  • Paper dolls will ease the pain of being away from Mommy for three days. 

  • And the #1 Lesson I learned at the homeschool convention? I can trust that God is sufficient even when I am not, so RELAX
Okay, maybe not that much.

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  1. I bet they really missed you.. You are right it's always nice to see the city but even better to get home to the simple quiet life we love to call our life.. Missed you.