Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers and Friends

If you tell me everything that is wrong with the world,
I will feel small and wonder why I should try.

But, if you show me how I can do anything if I work hard, I will do it with all my heart.

If you berate me for my failures and flaws, I will berate myself for them too.

But, if you encourage me to try again, I will, and I will like myself for it.

If you tell me all the reasons I "can't," I will believe you.

But, if you tell me the reasons why I can, I will believe in myself.

We all need a cheerleader, a person who believes in us, hopes for us, holds us up, and hears us out. 
I need that person.
And I got two.

Mom, thanks for knowing that if you just remind me of where I come from, I will remember where I am going.  Thanks for seeing the good in me when I made you look really hard.  Thanks for encouraging me when I discouraged you.  Thanks for being my friend.

Mother-in-law, thanks for loving me like I am yours.  Thanks for always being there to help, always reminding me that hard work is hard-won worth.  Thanks for being my friend.

Thank you both for teaching me how to mother by mothering me.
And thanks for still mothering this 32 year old woman who sometimes still feels small, scared, and unsure of herself.
I love you with all that I am.


  1. Beautiful...made me cry.
    Ok...waiting for you to write a book.
    k? lol

  2. I love you as the daughter I never had, and I am so very lucky that my son found YOU! And, you gave me God's Greatest Gift - Carlee & Maddie. I Love You!