Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What a Month!

It has been a full month since I last blogged??!!  Lest you think it is because I have been sitting on my couch whining over my bout with strep throat (OK, there was some of that), or driving Curlyjo to the doctor for her two bouts of strep throat (some of that too), I will give you a "Quick Takes" post to catch you up on my life...because you care, or you wouldn't be reading this.

Quick Takes!

1.  We are using a new home school curriculum that requires a lot more student responsibility.  Curlyjo is reluctant but not totally disagreeable to the idea of having to take some interest in her own learning.  Tiny Love is never reluctant to being in control of anything.  We are using the ACE program, and I love it!

2.  I have been much more productive in my reading, since I recently took a Face book hiatus that made me realize that perhaps a Face book absence is in the best interest of my brain cells.  Highlights have included:
  • The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis.  Seriously, get me around a table with Jesus, C.S. Lewis and John Piper.  I might get this whole thing figured out.
  • Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi.  Totally haunting.  Nightmares for days.  You must read it. 

  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.  I read it once, but I violated all of the habits by forgetting most of it.  So, I read it again.
  • The Complete Guide to Robert's Rules of Order Made Easy by Rita Cook.  No, not for leisure.  And Robert, your rules are not easy, no matter what you say.
  • Things I've Been Silent About by Azar Nafisi.  I am just about to finish this one, and I highly recommend it.  It is like a history lesson and a touching memoir all in one.  Love.

3.  Mom and Dad moved home permanently from Canada, which makes one less international connection that I have, which puts me at zero.  Hmmm...

4.  Brother has flown the nest and moved into a rental house with a friend.  He is growing up, which makes me happy and sad.  It also makes me have an uncontrollable urge to stop by his house and leave my socks in a random place, like the kitchen table, just to level the score.  But I won't. 

5.  And last, but not least, I am running for city council in the wonderful little part of America in which I reside.  I now know how much I don't know about city government, which only makes me want to know more.  I hope to be elected in April, at which point I will have a vast knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order, a heart full of hope for my community, and many legal pads full of information that I hope will make me of service to the people in my town.  I am full of interest and optimism, and I hope I retain both no matter what happens.

Now, excuse me while I go and take some photos of my kids and some food, since that what my blog is really about :)

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