Saturday, January 1, 2011

Errand Girl

Yesterday morning, the Husband informed me that he had neglected to pay his union dues (which were due that day), and he would need me to go to Springfield to pay them for him.
Confession:  I don't drive on the interstate.  Ever. 
I know, I am over thirty years old and need to get over such a silly and infantile fear. 
Maybe I will make that my New Year's Resolution in 2045.
So, I called my mother and asked her to drive me to Springfield.
Yes, I did.
I am a little ashamed.  Wait...ok, I am over it.

So, since we were already there and all, I went to the happiest place on earth to use my gift cards:

Can I just interject here...I find a certain joy and satisfaction that when you begin to enter "Barnes & Noble" into the Yahoo search box, the bookseller comes up first, after only entering "b-a-r."  Barack Obama is a distant third. 

I have had my eye on a certain cookbook for quite some time.  It was a bit expensive, so I never purchased it for myself.
Enter gift card.

It is amazing.  I can't wait to post some photos of the yummy things I am going to make from the recipes in this cookbook!
This fits in perfectly with a certain New Year's Resolution that I have made for 2011. 
I will share those soon! 

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