Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacation Fun: Part 1

We went to Florida!
We haven't had a vacation in nine years, so it was absolutely wonderful to spend time together and see a part of our lovely country that I had never seen before.   
The trip started off poorly, considering that both of our girls had vomited before we had even spent an hour on the road.  And post-Dramamine.  There is no hope.
But things turned around.  We drove all day without incident, and arrived safely at our hotel...better known as "The Roach Hotel."  We will forever call it by that endearing name, even though we didn't actually see roaches.  We did, however, see this:

Unless someone had a serious Hawaiian Punch incident, it looks like someone bled out on the rug.
Seriously...this is how you know you have stopped at the wrong hotel. 
Add mold in the bathroom and vomit in the pool area, and you have our lodging for the night.
It felt a little like that show "Martin," where one man plays most of the characters.  The guy at the desk when we came in seemed to be the only employee.  I kept seeing him all around the hotel, doing everything.  It was just weird. 

But, at long last, we arrived at the townhouse we rented.  It was amazing!

The dining area/kitchen.

Living room area/upstairs balcony.

Our bedroom.

Kids' bedroom.
(Okay, some of those kids aren't mine.  My cousin and her family went with us.)

Lower balcony, out to the private pool!

Second master bedroom.

There were also three bathrooms and a laundry area, and the whole place was fully stocked with towels, toiletries, and kitchen essentials.  It was amazing. 
I really enjoyed it, but would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't spent my time around the pool reading this (which is, by the way, one of the best books EVER.  So haunting.) and feeling guilty about the decadence that was our vacation. 
Maybe I should have chosen lighter reading. 
Still, our family had a great time, and the best is yet to come:  THE BEACH. 

More tomorrow...

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