Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Don't Iron

Well, I didn't iron.  For all of our married life, the husband has been a plumber.  His job requires that he wear jeans with glue stuck all over them, t-shirts with no sleeves, flannel (when necessary), and steel-toed boots.  And a belt...because, you know.   With his recent big news came a new work wardrobe.  He is still in the same field, just in a different capacity.  This is true for me also, as I am now in charge of ironing his collared shirts and nice pants.  I don't know how to iron.  At all.  But, Cheryl Mendelson does, and I am reading up on the "Ironing" section of her book today.  Ms. Mendelson is just as domestic as Martha Stewart, but less smug.  (Sorry, Martha.)  I have enjoyed her book immensely, as I love books that treat homemaking with the importance and fascination it deserves. 
Check it out! 

Join me tomorrow for a vacation recap...

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  1. Hey Cindy - get Joe some nice knit polo shirts, they have a collar, they look great, and you do not have to IRON them. I try to get Wes to wear them as often as possible because he can have more ironing than me sometimes. Love Ya. Susie