Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Holy Women" by James W. Knox

It is Sunday!  I have been to church, which was awesome, and I have picked up the Sunday newspapers for this week (great coupons this week!).  How about you?

I want to share a link to the Bible study that I have been doing in my quiet time every morning.  It is called Holy Women, by James W. Knox.  At first I thought, "Why does a man write a Bible study for women about how to be holy (set apart for God's purpose)?"  Oh, ye of massive feminism.  Well, I think his teaching is valid for several reasons:

1.  The study is based on God's Word about holy womanhood, not some guy's version.  So that guy can teach God's Word to whomever, male or female.

2.  God is masculine.  The Bible says "He."  And He tells me what womanhood really is.   I don't care to argue about the rest.

3.  I, as a woman, should be willing to be taught...even by a man.  Especially by a man (my husband). 

So, now that the knee-jerk feminist response has been duly dealt with in my heart, I can approach the Bible's teaching with a ready mind.  And this study has been speaking to me in so many ways.  

The Bible teaches in a way that counter-cultural.  Or the culture teaches in a way that is counter-biblical.  Whichever it is, if I obey God's commands for womanhood, or marriage, I will have to walk against popular culture, in heart and in deed.  But first I must know what God says womanhood is, and be willing to believe Him, obey Him, and declare Him in my life.  This study has helped me with the former; I am still working on the latter.  Join me?

Holy Women by James W. Knox (pdf file)

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