Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Busy Hands

I have been working on my bread making skills for a couple of years.  I just love making bread.  I like the kneading, the thinking that naturally happens when your hands are busy with a redundant task and the mind is free to wander.  I like the skill that comes with knowing, by sight and touch, that the bread is done being kneaded.  I used to just set the timer and knead it for however long the recipe recommended.  Now, I just know.  I like that.  My latest attempts have been with High Protein Whole Wheat Bread from the More with Less cookbook.  Oh, my.  If you are on a low-carb diet, please look away.  This will be obscene for you.

Yeah, I made those. 
I can't put the recipe on here, because I didn't make it up.  But, the cookbook is so worth the money! 
This bread is not too dense, slices beautifully and is super nutritious.  It is not, however, vegan, if that is a concern.  It is a concern for me, when visions of this book come a-haunting.
But, who could resist?

"Bring me the jam, stat."
(What does "stat" mean?)
The way my mind is wandering, you would think I was kneading something.

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