Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busy Hands Two/Too

I am not the only one in this house who has busy hands!  Curlyjo has been reading this (for FUN--I love homeschooling):

In the book, she found instructions for building a loom from cardboard.  So (naturally) she did. 

She used yarn on her loom, and was kind enough to demonstrate the weaving to her fascinated mother.

Sweet little hands. 

The finished product was a lovely little woven basket for her doll. 

Poor-quality picture of high-quality workmanship, I assure you.
I must say, the coolest part of homeschooling is watching them learn so many wonderful things that I didn't and couldn't teach them. 
What a blessing.


  1. The girls are so lucky they have a Mother who encourages and allows them to experiment and create real works of art with their own hands. They are very special little ladies that we love with all our hearts and souls. Grandma Susie and Papa Wes.

  2. She is so talented like her Dramma!

  3. Her crafting ability amazes me. Beautiful!