Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Time for Everything

So, what have I been doing lately? 

1.  Taking care of a temporarily crippled dog.

2.  Visiting with Mom and Dad, who are home right now!

3.  Listening to this:

4.  Reading this:

5.  Cooking from this:

6.  Doing the usual laundry, dishes, etc. (ad nauseam).

We are now up to speed.  My life is so exciting.
One thing we have not been doing is homeschooling!  I guess this year our school is getting a summer vacation.  The girls have been having fun swimming, having play dates, and doing the summer reading program at our local library. 
I have been thinking about my little blog, and how much I have missed having a place to vent my thoughts, share my ideas, and generally chronicle our lives for the whole world to read (eeekkkk!), and I have come to some conclusions:

~ I am going to be more organized in the format of my blogging.  I need a list.  I just do.

Mondays:  Menu Plan Monday/recipes
Wednesdays:  Random!   
Thursdays:  Homeschooling/Kids
Fridays:  Thrifty Fun
Saturday:  Random! 
Sunday:  Bible-related posts

Do you love how I actually schedule when to be random?  So?  Don't judge me. 

~ I like blogging because I miss writing.  My favorite part of college was all the papers I had to write.  I enjoyed it immensely, the way it made me think more critically, focus on one thing (being at home is a lesson in multi-tasking), and seeing the beautiful fruit of my labors (being a homemaker often feels like an exercise in futility).  I love what I do now, but this gives me a place to think, be, share, and learn.
And be random.
At the appointed time, anyway.

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