Friday, July 16, 2010

Thrifty Tips

If you are looking for a new hobby that will be both entertaining and lucrative while feeding your love of lists and control over a world of chaos, COUPONS are for you.

I love the couponing game.  
I love that I get to tell the Wal-Mart cashier what I want to pay for an item.
I love that I can beat "the Man" at this game.
Oh, and I love to be in control...of my grocery budget :)

While I am still a novice at the couponing thing, a friend of mine has taken me under her wing.  She has shared some awesome tips with me!
If you want more information on how to begin saving money with coupons, check out:

If you are a bibliophile (like me) and want to read up on it, I suggest:

I have been reading it, and it really is helpful!

So, here is my tip.  It is not earth-shaking or brilliant, but I am still excited.  I am easily amused, obviously. 
My family and I are leaving for vacation next week (I won't say where, but I will say tar balls), and I have been collecting provisions for a couple of months.  Using every coupon I could that didn't say "excludes travel size," I scoured the stores for mini everything.  I ended up with all of this:

Each of these items were either free or close enough. 
I capped that vacation spending faster than you can say "BP."

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