Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life Work

After a weekend of family fun and strict observation of a Sabbath "day of rest" (aka--not doing dishes after every meal and not walking around picking up stuff and putting it away), Monday morning dawned on a very messy house.  I knew I needed to stay home and get things shaped up for the week.  But, I was struggling with "homeschooling mother guilt," which is of another species than the usual forms of mother guilt. 
If I am good at home management today, I will be bad at homeschooling. 
I can only be good at one thing a day. 
I don't know how to overcome this phenomenon. 
Except that my kids will homeschool themselves. 
Science happened in the form of Curlyjo and Tiny Love finding no less than six snails in the back yard and creating a habitat for them:

In between vacuuming, laundry, and cleaning out kitchen cabinets, we looked up some information in our trusty nature guide:

We identified the snails and found out what they need to survive in the habitat.

Later, Tiny Love ran into the house to begin another science lesson with her latest find:

We discussed it's beauty, the amazing precision with which it was crafted, and the mighty God who could created creatures who just knew how to do such intricate and wonderful things.
And then we talked about bird lice.
So, science, health, and theology.  Done.
After they cleaned the garage and their room (life skills), they went outside to play have PE:

At lunch, we had a little reading time:

I didn't want Brother to miss out on all the fun, so I made him a little to do list, you know, to help him focus. 
It has nothing to do with the fact that he doesn't seem to hear me when I talk.

Yes, he wrote, "Can't do it!" on the bottom of the page.  But you know what?  He did do it.  All of it!
What a productive day. 
Maybe homeschooling really is a lifestyle. 
Maybe it really doesn't need to be a source of guilt, but one of joy and wonder. 
Maybe, but I think I will err on the side of seat work tomorrow. 


  1. hahahaahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really missssssss his "CAN'T DO IT"!!!! And he still writes the same! geesh.

  2. Totally understand the back and forth from seat work to natural learning. It's so hard sometimes. Looks like you had a fun productive day though.