Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello, Out There!

Sooooo, I still do not have a computer, which means I am using the computer belonging to my Mom.  It is not good.  Why?  Why am I using such asynine sentance structure?  Because if I use the apostrophe key, the whole computer goes nuts and I cannot type.  I did not realize the vastness of my dependance on contractions. 

I am also not sure when I will be getting a new computer.  I really want an imac, but my funds for such a purchase are dwindling due to a money hemorrhage I like to call Daisy Dog.  She now has a cast on her leg and a cone on her head to keep her from removing said cast.  I would show you a really cute picture of her, but apparently the computer belonging to my Mom hates to upload photos as well.  Humphhh.

I miss my little bloggy :(

I wish I didn't hate debt so much, because I would be slidding the card so fast right now and gett(apostrophe)in myself a (apostrophe)lil imac lov(apostrophe)in.  

For sure.


  1. hahahhahahaha!!!!! you are tooooo funny!

  2. Your pets are as expensive as ours, and guess what - they were free dogs!! A very wise man, or maybe a woman if it was a wise saying - once said "There is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE DOG"! Yes, I believe this is true!! Love Ya! Susie