Tuesday, April 6, 2010

That is so FRESH

Things that are natural and fresh: 
  • Rain
  • Baby Powder
  • Flowers
  • a tropical breeze
Things that are natural and NOT fresh:
  • manure
  • cows
  • skunks
  • mold
Imagine running as fast as you can for an hour.  Now let's say you are doing this outside, in Illinois, in JULY.  Imagine how you would smell.  If you know you would naturally smell like a tropical breeze, quit reading because I am of no use to you.  If you smell not so fresh, here is a little tip you need. 

This will not make you smell any better:
If you rub this on a skunk, it smells like a skunk.  If you rub this on yourself, you smell like yourself.  But, if you smell like fresh rain already, this is positive.  Otherwise, stick with synthetic freshness. Because Illinois in July smells nothing like a tropical breeze, but you can. 

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