Monday, April 5, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Oh, the things Daddies will do for their daughters.  Last week we found out that Tiny Love's cat, Chins Monroe (named by her), has throat cancer. 
Chins is a sweet, gentle cat that wandered into our yard one day and then never left.  Tiny adopted him and our dog and Chins quickly became best friends, even sharing a doggie bed at night.  Chins is now part of the family.  So, what should we do when surgery is several hundred dollars and the only alternative is to put Chins to sleep?  We discussed it with Maddie.

Tiny Love:  "Well Dad, I can do lots of extra chores to help pay for his surgery."
Dad:  "It costs a lot."
Tiny Love:  "This is pretty much the worst day of my life."  *tears*
Dad:  "I will pay for the surgery.  Chins will be fine."
So Daddy will work extra hours to save the life of Chins Monroe and put a smile back on Tiny Love's face.

Because that is the man I married. 


  1. Joe, do remember the "wild" kitten that your Dad and I were trying to get rid of because it was mean and wild and nasty and did not like people, but had taken up residence in the loft of our garage? We actually tried to shoot it, but only grazed it, and you went and "rescued" it out of the field and wrapped it with gauze and bandages and put it in a big box, and you put a sign on the box that said "People - Leave this Cat Alone". I don't remember what happened to that darn cat, but you were not about to let us get rid of it!! You are a good Daddy and Maddie loves you for what you are doing for her kitty. We love you Mom & Dad!!

  2. How sweet..It would be cheaper to get her a new cat:) But I understand that is always so hard. My son had a sick guinea pig when he was in 3rd grade. The vet said it would cost alot to save her but it's just a rodent. Well that rodent was my son's first pet. But I couldn't afford to save it so I had the vet put it to sleep. $5.00 later I took it home and told Zac it pasted away on the way to the vet office.. It waas a very sad day at our house.. We had a ceremony in the back yard and buried it in a nike shoe box.. RIP Lucy

  3. Oh how sweet!! is it possible you have 200 visitors to your blog and I have like 40??? You need advertising!

  4. Oh my gosh...I just read that at work and now I'm a sobbing mess. Oh, daddies and their sweet.