Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We're not in Faceville anymore.

Every idea is born of necessity. Until recently, I was fulfilling my need to think out loud using Face book. I discovered in a manner most unfavorable that Face book is not the place to be entirely oneself. So, welcome to my blog, where I fully intend to be entirely myself and apologetically so! I will share my love of listing, my obsession with exercise, and my musings on life, the people I love, and the places I go. Of you, my reader (or the crickets singing in the background as I give this lovely monologue), I ask that you give respect, fresh ideas, and a "hit" on my little blog every now and then. Come and visit me tomorrow for some listy fun...


  1. Cindy! I love your blog.. you are such an inspiring person.. I pray for your family daily.. thanks for sharing!