Monday, March 29, 2010

Some of the Questions Have Answers.

Before the birth of Curlyjo, I had many questions, mostly about me, because I really only knew about myself.  She hadn't come yet to teach me how to forget myself.  I think I know some of the answers now.

Q:  Will my husband see me only as "Curlyjo's mother?"
A:  No, but you will understand the security of having him acknowledge the importance of that role.

Q:  Will I know how to be a parent?
A:  No, but God will, and you are never far from His grace.

Q:  Will I mess her up?
A:  No, because she isn't far from God's grace either.

Q:  Will she love me?
A:  Oh, will she.

Q:  Will I love her?
A:  More than you can imagine, but only if you stop loving yourself so much.

Q:  How will I know what to do when it is time to wean/potty train/go to school/drive/date/etc.?
A:  You won't always know.  You will pray, sometimes you will guess.  The only guarantee is that you certainly won't know in advance.

Q:  Who will she become?
A:  God only knows.

Q:  Will she have good character, even when I am not there to watch?
A:  God only knows.

Q:  Will she choose wisely in love, and not be too quick to give her heart away? 
A:  God only knows.

I know that Curly is a beautiful, kind, compassionate, forgiving, talented, saved-by-grace child of God given to the Husband and I to enjoy, teach, and then release.  Maybe the rest I will only know at the "release."

Happy Birthday, Curlyjo.  Thanks for making me a mommy and daily blessing my life.

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  1. This beautiful child made me a grandmother for the first time in my life. I remember the first time I set eyes on her, and the love connection was instant. She is truly a gift from God to me and our family. Happy Happy Birthday Carlee Jo. I Love You! Grandman Susie