Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Simple Face Lift

I wish. 

However, the blog did get a simple face lift because:
  1. I have too many books in my house, and my blog sidebar was reminding me of that each time I logged in.  So, instead of decluttering my home, I decluttered my blog.  Totally logical.
  2. I haven't touched my blog in a month, so I felt like I needed to reclaim it.  Who knows what it has been doing while I was away.
Things have been crazy around here.  I was recently elected to public office in my city, which is very interesting and educational.  It also comes with the occupational hazard of neck/ear pain from holding the phone with my shoulder while I do laundry.  Such is the life.

I also decided that it was the right time to finish the four classes I need to get my bachelor's degree.  I know, the timing seems a little illogical, but I have decided that I work best under greater least that is what I keep repeating to myself when I go to sleep at night.  I figure it will be true soon. 

So, how are the ladies feeling about all this excitement?

Tiny Love is skeptical.

Curlyjo is too busy with more pressing matters to form an opinion.

So, some things are still the same around here :)

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