Monday, January 31, 2011

The End is Nigh

Here in the Midwest, we are bracing for a massive winter storm.  Even if I did not have 24 hour access to the Internet, television and Facebook, I would still know that the weather is about to go crazy.  How?  Because my animals are going insane today.  They have been chasing each other and fighting horribly over one common interest:

The pink doll that Daisy Dog received in her Christmas stocking.  Oh, and it squeaks when she bites it, so there is that to contend with as well.

Guarding the turf.  Waiting for Stella to just try to take dolly.
But Stella has lost interest.  Instead she has employed the age-old method of predicting the weather.

"Nothing yet!  But I think it might do something soon."

So, if the predictions are right, whatever will the family do when we remain stuck in the house for days without power? 
Well, we will fire up the generator, cuddle around the fireplace (in which we will burn our furniture, I suppose, as we have no firewood), and read aloud together from a fascinating book.

Ok, I will save that one for silent reading and just bust out the Little House books. 
Stay warm everyone!

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