Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Modest Swim wear?

I wasn't sure what "modest swim wear" would look like, but I know what immodest swim wear looks like, and I am not cool with it.
When we decided to take a vacation that would entail lots of swimming, I started looking for a swimsuit that wouldn't feel like I was parading around in front of strangers dressed in only my undergarments.
I found a suit that is well-made, flattering, and feminine. 
And covered. 
Check it out!

Yeah, that is obviously not me.  The picture is courtesy of the link below.

My suit actually has an adorable rouched skirt.  The top is the same, and it has the genius little hooks that keep the top and bottom linked together, so the top won't ride up. 
I love it!
Go to Christa Taylor online to order.

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  1. Lands End has some very modest suits. You can buy them by the piece and they are totally cute I think. Lot's of hidden panels...not that YOU need them but I do. There are so many more options out there than there used to be.