Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get a Web!

For an entire week, every time I go into the upstairs bathroom, I see this:

I know, you need a close up.

I don't think he got the memo about the whole web thing. 
I am scared of him.
Why don't I just kill him, wash him down the drain or otherwise disposed of him? 
Because I read this book to my kids:

Now I can't even kill a little brown spider. 
Who is getting the education here?


  1. that's a brown recluse! You better freakin' wash it down the drain!!

  2. I agree that is a brown recluse, and you need to kill it immediately. The trouble is, there is bound to be more, and the Garella Man told us that you have to trap them because spray does not kill them. Seriously - kill that spider. Love you guys. Grandma Susie

  3. I looked it up, and I don't think it is a brown recluse. But, I will call my pest control guy and have him set some traps to make sure. Thanks!