Thursday, May 20, 2010


Let me begin by saying that I have shuddered at the thought of doing a "lapbook" with my children ever since I began homeschooling.  I simply didn't think I could deal with all that detail!  Lapbooks are an awesome why to learn, just not for me.  Until Tiny Love began school.

Tiny Love cannot sit still.  During read aloud time, she must have Silly Putty to play with (or Legos, crayons, something).  She can read, but doesn't like the lack of ACTIVITY that reading entails.  If she could only figure out a way to read while riding her bike, I am sure she would do more of it.  (Someone is just the opposite.)  So, at the homeschool convention, I picked up a lapbook kit by "In The Hands of A Child."  It scared me, but I was brave and desperate to find something to appeal to Tiny.

She loved it. 
She asked to do it.
She didn't know it was school. 
*cue angels singing, clouds parting, sunlight shining on my blessed homeschool*

It totally freaked me out, what with all the cutting, pasting and lack of uniformity in the placement of items in the folder, but such are the sacrifices of a homeschool mom :)
We are all finished now, and Tiny is enjoying playing with her little project, showing it off to family and friends.  And it worked in other ways, too...she can read even better after doing the lapbook!
So, as Tiny is my last "beginning reader," I would like to pass the fun on to another family!

If you have a beginning reader and would like to have this lapbook guide to do with them, just leave me a comment below.  Make sure to include your email address, which I will not publish.  This would be a great summer project for kids who are not homeschooled also! 
 I will choose a winner tomorrow... that is if I have one or more people comment for it!  LOL
I will get an address to mail it to when I have a winner. 
Lapbook, anyone? 


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  2. I wish I would've thought of this a long time ago! I can't wait to get home so she can share it with her dramma!

  3. Carrie I removed the comment because I forgot to take off your email address! LOL but I will copy it below and you are entered in my little giveaway...especially since you are the only comment :)
    Carrie said:
    Luke is the same way. He can read, but getting him to sit still long enough to actually read is challenging. I have been wondering what I was going to do to keep his skills up this summer. This sounds like a great plan. I promise I'll use it if you choose me :~)