Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fishing, Roo, and Haircut, too.

Just a little rhyme to start the day.
Sunday afternoon we went out to the in-laws to let the Woolly Mammoth out to graze. 
The girls wanted to do some fishing, and the Husband was happy to oblige.

It was HOT. 

Why is Tiny Love wearing a life jacket when we are fishing on the dock? 
Because Tiny Love is a little unpredictable, and Mom is a little paranoid attached to her.
Someone else is a lot more trustworthy.

Curlyjo caught, with her little Barbie pole, several giant, ugly catfish.

And Tiny Love thinned out the smaller fish population.

It was a good day.
Today is a good day, too.  Why, you ask? 
The Roo is on the couch, contemplating the mysteries of Elmo while trying to focus on Dinosaur Train.  He has already filled his diaper twice, refused four different breakfast options, and guzzled two cups of chocolate milk.  Oh, and stolen my heart.  :)
In other news, I have done it again...I let my hair grow out until it was exactly chin length and at the peak of hideousness, and gave up.  I got it cut.
It looks the same when I get up as when I went to bed...for better or worse. 
I don't know if it looks better, but it can't be worse.