Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deep Thoughts

My computer got a virus for Mother's Day, and I got a bill for $175 to fix it.  Nice.
Meanwhile, I have been over-thinking everything very insightful lately, which has led to many great realizations.
1.  God makes way prettier food than man.
No contest.

2.  My little Tiny Love is growing up. 
She learned to ride a "big girl bike."
And she discovered a "wiggly" tooth.
Note the snaggle on the bottom, your right.

3.  "Farming" can be a relative term. 
The guy across the road farms:
My mother-in-law "farms."
I farm.
Daisy Dog does not farm.  She just likes to take all the credit.
I better go.  I just had a shocking realization about the dishes...if I don't wash them, they won't be clean.


  1. God gave us the turkey which gave us the bacon...hmmm..LOVE BACON!