Monday, April 19, 2010

Taming the Desk Pile

I had on my desk an unorganized pile of various notebooks, calendars and journals to help make my life more "organized."  This is a self-defeating phenomenon.  You see, the problem is that I had a calendar for scheduling, a homeschool planner, a notebook for daily "to do" lists and another notebook for menu planning.  Then I stumbled across this little beauty on the internet:
I purchased the Women's Day Planner from  It is very simple, multi-functional, and charming. 
Each month has a two page planning section in which to list expenses and income, goals for several categories (me, family, household, and finances), notes and thoughts on the month, and special dates.
In the calendar part, the monthly view is on the top of the page, while weekly calendar view is at the bottom. 
When you flip to a new week, the bottom half of the page turns and you still have the monthly calendar right above!  So smart.
Each day has room for my daily to do list, and it has a box labeled "supper plan."  Love it.  So, I am now down to two notebooks: my Women's Day Planner and my homeschool plan book. 
Now, if only my coupon organizer were more organized...

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