Thursday, April 15, 2010

NO, Mr. Zim

Such an innocent, adorable book--yes? 

I pick up this little gem at the homeschool convention, thinking that it will be a great little read for science.  I think, "Frogs and Toads.  Okay, it will be about what they eat, classification, where they live, anatomy..." 
Basically, it is about evolution. 
So I start reading it to my kids today...

"Frogs and their relatives were great pioneers.  They were the first back-boned animals to leave the water and venture out on land.  Hundreds of millions of years have passed since they first learned to breathe the air and live part of their lives out of water.  Now thousands of animals live on land..."

We had a talk about the basics of Darwin theory, which my kids decided was interesting but a bit of a stretch.  Then we enjoyed the pictures in the book, as they are lovely.

But, read this piece of Darwinian propaganda to my kids?

NO froggin' way.

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  1. How disappointing! I was so jealous when I saw the fabulous illustrations and wished I had found the book first. Whew! Guess I dodge one.