Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Books, Books, Books

On Sunday I helped my sister get ready for a yard sale, which is a fund raising event for the amazing organization she and her husband started.  In return for my labors (which were plentiful, I assure you), I got a preview of the cases of books she had donated for the yard sale.  And I did buy.  I brought home a tub of books for Curlyjo and Tiny Love.  Someone might be as big a junkie as her mother.
She can't be bothered to put them away!  She sat there for two hours and devoured one after another. 
The trail leading to the junkie: 

Oh, she does make her mommy proud. 
Later I headed to a friend's house for Book Club meeting. 

They were a little shy and used our first book to hide from me.  Jane Austen would be proud of their modesty. 
Our hostess was so sweet to feed my love of books of another kind.

I see lists in its future. 
Now I must go.  I have books to read today:  first Jesus, then Henry David Thoreau.  Hmmm.  That would be an interesting dinner party...

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