Saturday, March 27, 2010

Book Review: Mothering Heights

I finished Mothering Heights by Keitha Smith and Susan Brereton.  It would be an excellent book for new Christian mothers who are looking for encouragement, direction in figuring out their new role, and suggestions for how to cope in the difficulties of motherhood.  Most of the information was untimely for me, as I am not a new mother.  It wasn't really a new concept, as I have read other books on the topic of motherhood. This did strike me as inarguable true, ever timely, and challenging:
There is perhaps no position or situation more in keeping with the servant nature of motherhood.  We are not suggesting that you are to become slaves to your children, for they are not your master; what we are suggesting is that you are unlikely ever to have an opportunity to demonstrate God's love more fully and more completely than you will have as mother to your children.  It is a God-given opportunity too precious to squander (Brereton 63).

If you are looking for a really good read on motherhood and womanhood in modern culture, check out this book:
It is quite a different approach to the subject, but still a thoughtful, intelligent, and honest assessment of the challenges women face in a post-feminist world. 

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